Senate finally confirms head for TSA


The Senate has finally confirmed a nomination to fill the vacancy after 2 other attempts from Obama.  Who knows what this will mean, but Obama’s appointments seem to want TSA to unionize.  Even though TSA has a wide margin to improve, I have a feeling that regardless of whether they unionize that things will only get worse for the traveling public.

The only thing TSA can actually find is drugs.  The body scanners are very good at picking up drugs, but there hasn’t been a bust for an actual terrorist.

The BDO program is a joke and again only busts people carrying drugs and illegal immigrants.  Apparently the people who act nervous are just afraid of any authority (due to possession of drugs or immigration status) and aren’t a threat to air safety.  I’m pretty sure that the people who would be a threat to air safety are busy practicing techniques to avoid whatever the BDOs are looking for.  They send people on test runs to weed out those who can’t keep together.

The best method is to find these people before they get to the airport, not when they are in the middle of the act.  Unions for TSA won’t make us any safer, it will just make more articles about corrupt TSA people because the bad eggs will fester more.