Just like that Windex Commercial

Although I like to sit on my high horse and make fun of infrequent flyers around me, I am not perfect either.  Yesterday after arriving in LGA I was trying to leave the terminal.  I went up the ramp and turned right at the spa where the sign indicated I would leave the sterile area.  I went to the doors in the middle that said “this door is locked” and attempted to exit, but I was confused by the sign so I turned around and was about to head up the concourse more but the spa employee said “It’s open.”  I approached the doors again and still couldn’t figure out how to go through the doors so I again was about to just head up the concourse.  Then finally someone else was leaving and I realized there is no glass on either side of the doors.  The doors are in the middle of a wide open area and I’m just an idiot.

I didn’t actually smack into the doors like the bird in the windex commercial, but it was close enough to me.US Airways LGA