Android App Review: AndroTweet vs Twidroid

*****Twidroid has since changed name to Twidroyd*****

Back when I had hacked Android running on my WinMo phone I loved how functional Twidroid was compared to whatever I was using with WinMo.  When I got my backflip for some reason I decided to go with AndroTweet instead.  It is functional, but this weekend when I needed to tweet a picture I realized just how “minimal” it is.

Hash tags: a lot of twitter is searching for hash tags to see what is going on.  I use Twitter on my laptop most of the time, but sometimes the phone is just more convenient.  I like following hash tags when I’m watching Idol alone in a hotel room because it makes me feel like I’m making fun of the contestants with people right next to me.  The same with hash tags at TBEX over the weekend.  If we had all been talking it would have been so loud so instead we all tweeted with the #TBEX hash tag.  Androtweet doesn’t have a way to easily click on tweets to follow hash tags, they must be searched in the search area.  Twidroid makes it easy to click on a tweet and follow a hash tag.

Links: Twidroid makes it all linkable.  AndroTweet only makes URLs linkable.

Sharing pictures: From the photo gallery it is easy to share a picture, but for some reason the AndroTweet application doesn’t add an easy way to tweet a picture.  Twidroid does.

For my needs Twidroid clearly wins.  Since they are both the wonderful price of FREE (although Twidroid does have a Pro version for a fee as well) I have decided to keep Twidroid.


  1. What about Seesmic and the official Android Twitter client? Both of those seem worth a good look into as well! 🙂

  2. I’m still a fairly light tweeter. As I become more advanced I may need to reevaluate.

    What I love about android is that there is a ton of competition so if 1 app doesn’t do what I want there usually are several others that do. WinMo didn’t have that.

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