Welcome back to travel

I had 2 weeks of office weeks due to projects pushing back so today is my first day back out.  Since the last time I flew they have closed the A Checkpoint in CLT and it is Monday so I was afraid of security lines.  I left my house 2 hours before my scheduled departure and tried to see if there was anything I could do about my 3 hour layover in CVG.  The other options required departing 40 minutes before my scheduled departure so I was afraid I wouldn’t clear security in time and stayed with my original itinerary.

Got through security, waiting for my flight, boarding my flight.  The suspension sounded pretty bad with every bump on taxi sounding like an old car, but I’ve had flights like that before and thought nothing of it.  After takeoff it turns out our landing gear never went up.  Since our takeoff weight was higher than landing weight we had to fly around for about 30 minutes before we could actually land.

I stood in line and tried to fix my connection, but the Delta website didn’t realize we had returned to CLT and just thought we were delayed into CVG so I called the Gold Medallion line.  Delta was able to interline me to a direct flight on US Airways (see previous posts about original mileage credit), but now CLT is under a tornado watch and has severe thunder storms so the ramp is closed.

…hopefully I get out of here eventually


  1. Haven’t flown out of CLT since April… why is the A checkpoint closed? Is this a long-term thing?

  2. They are installing the body scanners. They have been installed in B and D. A is closed right now and C is next I guess.

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