Product to protect you from body scanners

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Flying Pasties

Where there’s a problem someone is always innovating a solution.  TSA wants to see you naked so Flying Pasties created a product to block your goodies from the virtual strip searches.

I will continue in the “avoiding at all costs” camp and I will opt for a pat down instead of going through a WBI, but for those of you who think you have nothing to hide might still want to hide your unmentionables.  Some on FlyerTalk report many people still get a pat-down after the WBI so what’s the point?

Using my knowledge of TSA I would assume wearing these would lead to a pat-down anyway or a stern conversation from TSA about mocking their security procedures.

Please note that Wimpie on FlyerTalk states:

For effectiveness, you need leather for the backscatter machines. A nice piece of thick leather down the pants cannot be seen through, as leather is much more dense than ordinary skin.

For the MMW scanners, conductive fabric with a tight weave or metalized fabric will do the trick. They won’t even alarm the WTMD. Check for fabric selections. I guarantee that the copper polyester taffeta will foil any imaging by MMW. (I am an RF engineer with 35 years experience)


  1. do they come in other colors? could wear them under your clothes? Or would they be too uncomfortable.

  2. I hadn’t heard of Flying Pasties. Thanks for the heads up! Are you finding that after declining the nude-o-scope, the TSA workers’ patdowns are punitively sleazy, as some on FlyerTalk have reported?

  3. @Jo they are designed to go under your clothes. They have a few different phrases right now, but just the one color.

    @try2cook I go through the only checkpoint without the nude-o-scopes at CLT so I haven’t had the opportunity to watch people go through or decline.

    I’m sure this will change soon and I’ll tell everyone my experience.

  4. It’s good to hear another woman refuses to go through them. I opt-out every time I’m instructed to go through the strip search machines. I also always request a private room for the pat down, because I don’t want to be felt up in front of 200 people. I travel every week, through multiple airports, and it has been a huge frustration. My home airport (CVG) has been so unprofessional and just plain out horrible. Ugh.

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