Another attempt at fitness on the road

I seem to have a theme of attempting to get back to my old level of fitness on the road with a few good days, then I fall off the bandwagon again.  I recently signed up for the Walt Disney World half marathon in January.  That way I figure I have plenty of time to train.  Now I just have to do it.  I need to hold my blog readers responsible for keeping my motivation up.

I last did a 1/2 marathon in 2005 before I started traveling.  I would run outside at a park 5 days a week in the heat of the South Carolina summer.   It has been 5 years since then and my fitness is much lower than it has been since my freshman year of college.  This time I will be fighting weather in various places as well as crappy hotel treadmills.

a woman holding a medal
Me 5 years ago


  1. Hey, Grace, it’s toomanybooks from FT.

    My wife is going to do the Disneyworld Princess half-marathon at the end of February. Several of her friends are going and she’d love to add you to the crowd.

    Send me a FT PM.

  2. I hadn’t even heard of the Princess 1/2 Marathon and I wish I had before I signed up for the normal Disney 1/2 Marathon since the Princess one has a more generous time limit. I’m not vain, but I also like to pass people every once in a while instead of finishing last. I just signed up for the Kiawah Island 1/2 marathon in December. If I actually make it around to it I’ll make sure to sign up for the Princess.

  3. Good Luck Grace!!!
    We could do a time-trial in October (you’re going to UGC right?) I’ve given up on treadmills for a while – I just do long runs on the weekend & yoga during the week.

  4. I found a trail right by my house. It’s 1.6 miles each way to walk to the trailhead, 1.6 miles each way to a 5k loop so I can easily scale the run however I need to by driving to the trail or walking to it.

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