United/Continental update livery

a white airplane in the skyPost merger United decided to update their livery from the initial draft.  This one features United written in capitals with a new font instead of United written in title case with the Continental font.

Small victories, I’ll take it.


  1. Any idea’s on what will come of the GS/1K combined with CO’s Platinum Elite Infinite status?

  2. @Len – I am both a Delta and CO Platinum. I have been give this also much thought. What I see is the new UNITED doing a Delta 4 level program. They will keep Silver, Gold & Platinum at 25, 50 & 75. Then the “Diamond” will be the 1K. Then they are making the 1K happy and showing they are better than Delta as you only need 1K not 125K to be top with them. Also, any who have 100,000 miles with CO will immediately get moved up to 1K. Just what I think anyway.

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