Status does have its advantages

Yesterday I was flying home from Indy.  I usually book later flights “just in case” and I have fairly good success at getting on earlier ones.  I also like people watching at airports so this gives me good time to do that if I can’t.

I got to the airport and used the kiosk and got onto an earlier flight.  That flight was having mechanical issues and was delayed 30 minutes.  My new itinerary had a 90 minute layover so I wasn’t worried and there were now plenty of later flights for me anyway.  Suddenly I heard my name over the airport loud speaker to report to a gate across the way.  I headed over there and saw a Red Coat with no line.  She said I was being rebooked on the direct flight on US Airways.  Now instead of getting home at 9 pm like my original itinerary I would be getting home at 5 pm!  This meant I could make a meeting one of my social clubs was having.

All this and I’m only Gold with Delta.  My upgrade on my original flight out of Indy hadn’t cleared so I’m surprised this earlier flight was so devoid of elites.

Now for original routing credit and “double dip”…

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