More Opt Out Stories

I’m sorry for my haitus.  I was between internets while getting Time Warner’s new Signature Home installed with 50 mbps downstream, 5 mbps upstream.

I’ve had 2 more opt out stories recently.


This was in the everyone but Delta terminal.  There was only 1 line open and they were randomly sending people through the Nude-o-Scope so I had no way to attempt to avoid it.  Of course I magically got chosen (they had been alternating, but I got chosen immediately after the person in front of me).  I got the “Do you have anything in your pockets” question and responded “I’m not going through that.”

The opt-out lady quickly positioned me in a way to face my stuff and  I was quickly on my way.


I was in the line that was supposed to be for Experts, but really there was a couple 6 people in front of me who didn’t realize you couldn’t go through the Walk Through Metal Detector with a walker.  Why they were in the Expert line and not the (also open) line for people who need more time I don’t know.  When I got in the line the nude-o-scope was not open, but by the time it was finally my turn to go through the metal detector suddenly the nude-o-scope was opened.  I knew it was coming when I was putting all my stuff through the X Ray and heard “Do you have anything in your pockets, a watch, or belt?” The “anything in your pockets should be a dead ringer that you’re not going through a metal detector.  When I hear that line I instantly go into “I am not going through that” mode.  I don’t say “I opt out” but just “I’m not going through that.”

This was my third opt-out and the first time the lady seemed apprehensive to let me look at my stuff.  I positioned myself looking at my stuff and she was trying to reposition me so I’d be looking towards the Nude-o-scope.  I said “I would like to keep an eye on my stuff” and then she understood what I was doing.  She did her thing but instead of letting me gather my stuff while waiting for the explosives test I had to stay in place until the explosives test was completed.

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  1. I just discovered your website… I’ll have to keep it on my list to read now that I’m traveling more. I was “randomly” selected for the first time today to go through the “nude-o-scope” at IAD. I was “punished” by not having to go through it… they made me wait around 10 minutes for someone to come pat me down.

    Like you, I felt that everyone should see me getting patted down… but at least the TSA at IAD let me keep an eye on my stuff… in fact, they brought it over and sat it down on the floor next to me.

    Thanks for keeping up your blog… I’m sure to write more soon!

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