New Enhanced Pat Downs coming

I know I’m late to this since they are supposed to be starting soon.

Before the opt-out pat-down involved the palm feeling torso, extremities, and such, but changing to the back of the hand to inspect the breasts and groin area.  In reality they barely checked the groin area, but unless a cavity search is done it is possible to conceal explosives in body cavities.  The thing is that even the Nude-o-Scope can’t detect items in the body cavities (the tampon paradox).  The new pat-down will use the front of the hand to search these areas.  Now I run into the issue of getting a pat-down during that time of the month wearing a sanitary napkin.  I wonder if I will get a strip search for wearing a sanitary napkin or if I will need to prove that it actually is required at that time.  Who knows.

It’s almost tempting to wear a sanitary napkin each time I go through a checkpoint just in case I get a pat-down to see what they do.  If anything, it does give me a layer of protection from the hands of the TSA agent.  I would imagine most of them will hate doing this just as much as any of us should hate receiving it.

As always I will continue to have it done in public.  People deserve to see is going on.


  1. Just say NO! This enhanced search program started on Oct 31 and some Luv Field Dallas Police Officers are taking the week off because of the anticipated sexual assault complaints under the Texas Penal Code “Harmful or Offensive Touching…” TSA you have gone way overboard on this stuff!

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  3. For a second I thought you wrote, “a lawyer of protection…from a TSA agent,” but after re-reading, turned out to be me projecting…

    This is why I love ex-NRT travel…

  4. Don’t do it! It’s sexual assault as is the body scanner. This is a violation of our 4th amendment. We MUST challenge this. If not, it will only get worse. Don’t be a sheep.

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