So, I upgraded to the Hilton Surpass

I know just last week I said I just have the normal Hilton HHonors AMEX and I was fine with that, but tonight I sat down and did the math.

Last year (according to my nice AMEX yearly summary) I spent ~$9,000 at Hilton properties on that card.

Since the Surpass earns 9 pp$ instead of 6 pp$ at Hiltons if  I take 9000 x 3 I get 27,000 points I didn’t earn.  This is just north of 1 free Category 3 room.  Plus this year I’ll get the upgrade bonus points based on spend and stay so the first year it definitely pays off.

I also figured while I was at it I might as well request a credit limit increase and that got instantly approved.  I only requested a $3000 increase on a $5000 limit, but figured it’s better to play it safe.  I thought about trying to double it, but with my pending Hilton Citi card and it’s limit I don’t really need more on the AMEX.