HMS Host, Really?

Invalid request error occurred.It’s been a long week in Phoenix and I’m waiting for a red eye so I decided to hit up the Phoenix Roadside 66 in the B concourse of PHX.  Since it’s an HMS Host establishment I know I’ll have to present ID for any alcohol purchase.  I went through the TSA checkpoint with my passport card so that is most accessible.  I present that to the waitress.  She asks “do you have your passport?”  No.  I pointed out the birthday on the ID, but she says it’s a state law that she can’t accept it.  Really?  I looked up the AZ state laws and it says “border crossing cards” from federal governments are acceptable.

I can use my passport card to clear TSA and to clear CBP, but I can’t use it to buy a beer in AZ?  Really?

Tip docked for lying.


    1. She clearly said it was against state law to accept it, and if it wasn’t against state law, it was clearly against her employer’s policy. If she said “I’m not sure if I can accept that, I’d prefer other ID” that would be one thing. In retrospect I should followed typical protocol when dealing with TSA and asked for her manager.

      Service was horrible. When I walked in 2 servers were standing next to the registers just talking. People kept coming in and they didn’t budge. They were having a non-work related conversation. The person waiting on me ended up being someone else. She handled most of the tables while the guys took only a few. I had already been there almost 7 minutes before I was acknowledged at all. At that time maybe 5 tables were occupied (all others clean so it wasn’t a recent departure) and 3 servers working. I wasn’t too pleased by the time she finally came over, but PHX isn’t known for food options so i stayed put.

    1. I’d like to imagine that many people working for HMS Host figure they have better things to do than card 50 year old business men. It’s not her fault her company has such a rigid policy. I’ve seen some 50+ year old foreigners extremely confused by it.

      I’m surprised she actually looked that closely. Most people I see carding people at HMS just see you are willing to produce an ID, hold it for a second, and move on unless you actually look close to 21.

  1. I had the same at Seattle, except it was an Employment Authorization Card/Advance Parole (I’m waiting for my Green Card) … again good enough to get me in the country, but not to buy a Coke at the bar (not even a beer) … oh and I’m 42 (and look it)

  2. we do have a lot more to do than check id’s but as above, company policy is rigid. i figure, if you look of age i’ll take a note from your mother if you hold it like it’s official.

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