Bad Travel Karma

I’m not sure exactly what I did, and I don’t really believe in karma, but some how mine is all messed up!

Yesterday I left my laptop charger at a super secure building and I didn’t realize it until 6 pm when my battery died and I still had work I needed to finish including a paper.  I went to the closest office supply store and swiped my credit card.  The transaction didn’t go through…the terminal froze up.  Eventually the cashier had to run a manual authorization.  If I didn’t had work to do I would have said screw it and left.

Then today the gate on the toll booth didn’t work so I held up the line on FL417 for around 10 minutes until someone came out and just took the arm off.

I’ve even tried to be positive and complimentary to people.  I’ve even started acknowledging TSOs and then this starts.

I guess I need to step up the positivity even more.

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