Have we resumed our indifference of TSA?

Of course the flying public notices TSA more during busy travel seasons including the holidays, spring break, and summer vacation time.  Last year during the holiday travel season of course interest in TSA and disgust of their practices escalated to one of the highest points thanks to the naked scanners and enhanced pat-downs.

Of course this died down almost instantaneously after the new year, but now that it’s summer travel season the buzz seems to be a lot quieter than previous years and policies haven’t changed much since the holidays.

Legislators have made news about TSA, but the flying public makes news much less frequently.  Last week there was that horrible story about the elderly lady who was manhandled, but those stories are a little too few and far between considering the volume of passengers and the lack of change in TSA policies.

So do we just not care?  As the proverbial frog in boiling water have we adjusted to this temperature for the time being and it will take more changes to get us riled up again?

Even the Flyertalk forum on travel safety and security is relatively quiet.


  1. Can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I’ve been indifferent for a long time. Aside from my minor annoyance with them over how they treat insulin pump wearers, I’ve reached a point that I don’t care what they do. As long as I intend to keep flying, I’ll keep complying, secure in the knowledge that what is being inflicted upon me may or may not actually enhance security. In order to really progress on security, we as a country are going to have to make some choices. If I had the answers, I’d be in charge of TSA I suppose. 😀

  2. I think Twitter answered where the collective attention span of the US has been the past few months: Casey Anthony

  3. I express my disgust for the TSA several times a week. I will continue to do this every time I fly until they stop violating our constitutional rights to travel freely by the means of our choice.

  4. I would like to ask ceejay just exactly how are we all acting like 3 year olds? Is expecting that my constitutional rights that I have served and fought for not being violated just to exercise my right to travel freely acting like a 3 year old? Is letting some blue shirted pervert feel myself or my wife up acting like a 3 year old? Is expecting to not being verbally assualted acting like a 3 year old? All of that for pure security theatre. The smurfs have not prevented one attack or caught one terrorist since their inception. Any attempted terrorist act on a plane has been stopped by the passenegrs, NOT the TSA or air marshalls. All they have done is pore billions and billions of dollars down the sewer with a make work project for a bunch of undereducated, unemployable, mental midgets. Nothing they do makes us safer since most cargo, airport employees, and all smurfs are not screened to start with.

    1. I have been on about as many buses and trains as planes this year. Interestingly enough without any screening people have managed to not kill each other, derail the vehicle, or detonate any explosives. With the exception of my non-transferable train ticket I also didn’t have to show ID to anyone to ride on those trains or buses. I can pay cash and go…
      People have put explosives in subways and such, but we have chosen not to routinely screen those passengers (aside from occasional local police and the new VIPR program from TSA).

      We think air travel is some sacred cow, but it isn’t.

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