PRK Post 2: The procedure

My appointment was scheduled for 10:20 am.  Since I needed a driver I went over to my friend’s house and we went to the office together.

I got called back, took some ativan or valium and they proceeded to verify my prescription hadn’t changed and reviewed my medications with me.


  • Vigamox drops
  • Lotemax drops
  • Neurontin for pain
  • lortab for pain
  • ambien for sleeping
  • vitamin C
  • Systane Ultra preservative-free drops

Since this is me we’re talking about, I already had all the medications scheduled into my phone in an app called AnyTimer which was one of the few free pill apps that allowed multiple schedules.

I knew the gist of the procedure.  Use a tooth brush to dissolve the epithelium of the cornea, scrape it off, and laser my eye to vision perfection.  Many blogs stated they didn’t feel anything from their benzo, but I sure felt calm during the whole thing.  I also just kept reminding myself less than 5 minutes to perfect visions.

I went to my friend’s house and hung out at the pool for a few hours.