PRK Post 3: Recovery

I guess my years of wearing contacts for months without taking them out paid off, or maybe it was hanging out at the pool instead of inside sleeping.  Either way I was 60% healed by day 2 which they said was amazing.

I never took any ambien and I just took normal aspirin instead of the lortab.

They said I would get worse before I got better so I spent all day of day 2 in bed.

Day 3 I was back in the pool.  Same with day 4.  Vision was fuzzy and I didn’t have my laptop.

Day 5 they took the bandage contact out and told me to stop the neurontin.  Vision was good enough to drive, but when I tried to use my computer it just drove my eyes crazy.  Apparently my vision is legal to drive.  It makes me really wonder about others on the road because I don’t feel comfortable enough with my vision to drive anywhere I don’t know.  You know what that meant?  I didn’t drive anywhere I didn’t know (until I had to go back to work).

Day 6 I had to do some phone training and boy did my eyes drive my crazy, but my old pinhole glasses helped a lot.  I also flew on 2 flights without issue with my eyes, but not without mechanical delays.

My vision isn’t 20/20 yet, but it’s better than it was before surgery!  PRK has around a 2 month healing process so my vision may be hazy until then since I have to regrow my epithelium.

I have to use preservative free artificial tears for a while, but considering how much dry eye I lived with in the past I’m sure I’ll be fine.  So far I don’t regret my decision at all.


  1. If the “night halo effect” bothers you, it stems from your pupils being dilated with the proximity of the PRK.

    I use 0.5% or 1% Pilocarpine to constrict the pupil and henceforth the halo effect disappears.

    Over 8 or 10 years now, daily and no ill effects.

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