Changing things up a bit in the work world

For five years I have been an on-site trainer traveling all alone 80% of the time.  This has been great experience, but I was looking for a change of pace without leaving my coworkers or my company (since good coworkers are much more valuable than many other things).

My division recently opened a new type of position in Sales and the job description featured all of the extra things I do for my coworkers above and beyond my position so I was a shoe-in.  Now I’ll be classified as 60% travel instead of 80% (which doesn’t sound like much, but I think it’s more like 25%-80% which means some months I’ll probably only make a couple trips).

I’m not sure the full details of the travel, but some aspects are much nicer:

  1. All of my expenses just have to follow my company’s guidelines instead of various client policies
  2. I’ll most likely always travel with at least 1 other person which means less dining alone
  3. I’m sure the sales guys will always pick up the tab so that will decrease the credit card points I get from meals which is a downer, but right now meals contribute very little to my points.
  4. I’m hoping that I will be flying home mid-day instead of on the last flight of the night which means I can actually make plans on Friday nights again.
  5. We are doing a lot of work internationally right now so I should get to go to more places since I’ll be the only one in this division.
  6. I hopefully never have to open MS Project again (but I do need to learn Visio)
Since I’ll be in Sales I do need to upgrade my wardrobe, but if Sales meet their goals the compensation will make up for any clothing purchases.  I do need to check out Corporette and Road Warriorette to make sure I’m doing this whole business wardrobe right.


  1. I’m a total flowchart geek so this may be a qualified statement, but… you’ll absolutely love the power of Visio! Congrats on your new gig.

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