JP Morgan Card Welcome Packet

I was hoping to get better scans of this up, but I guess I’ll just post what I have and scan the book on my flatbed when I get home…whenever that may be.  I used it in Canada this week for the first time, but only at the hotel and they just swiped my card.  I did educate my coworkers about chip technology, but ultimately they had to pick up the check so my card stayed in my wallet.



  1. Thanks for following through! Surprised that it doesn’t come in a better packaging! However, the card looks very nice. I’m sure you will receive a lot of compliments 😛

  2. With the chip-and-pin option and the fact that it still offers UR points and a 2X bonus on travel, it seems like this could be a reasonable substitute for the Sapphire Preferred card. Of course, I would still get the Sapphire for the bonus points, but once that’s taken care of…

  3. Is it chip and PIN or chip and Signature? I’ve been reading comments on blogs either way.

    I was in Holland last week. The train station had a sign saying “chip-and-pin or cash” (They call it something else, like EMV or some such, that was my translation). I asked the clerk if chip and signature would work and he said that they used to have terminals you could sign, but no longer. PIN only now.

    If the Morgan card is PIN, I’ll get one today.

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