US Airways Club or Delta Sky Club?

I’ve been a Delta Sky Club member for 3 years now.  My membership expired last month and I’m waiting to settle into my new position before requesting lounge membership.

My logic is that even though Charlotte only has 2 US Airways clubs and no other clubs, I use the club most often on layovers.  My layovers are usually either Atlanta or Terminal 2 of ORD.  Both of those locations have Delta Sky Clubs.  Also, Delta has had free alcohol for years while US always had cash bars.  Now US does have some free (except in PA) beer and wine so the value is coming up a bit.

I used to have United Red Carpet Club which gave me access to the US Airways clubs when flying US, but not other times.  I believe this has changed so maybe I investigate rejoining the RCC since I have status with United, but in Atlanta that leaves my lounge prospects very limited.

I do have the pay-per-use Priority Pass that comes with the Hilton Surpass card, but I can’t bill that back to my company.  They will pay annual membership for 1 lounge, but not a per-visit fee.  They also won’t reimburse credit card annual fees such as the AMEX Platinum charge card or else that would be quite tempting.  I will be evaluating my travel plans over the next few weeks and figure out what meets my needs the most in terms of access and amenities.


  1. It’s a shame they won’t reimburse you for Amex Plat which basically gives you a US Air Club Membership (you can use the lounge regardless of ticketed airline). Then you get Delta & American Lounges when traveling on those airlines.

    1. I want the potential for lounge access everytime i am in CLT so i would prefer membership that is not contingent on flying US or United. I think Delta was offering 5 passes for $99. That is something i could just eat.

  2. Howie,
    A3 Gold is a quasi-reasonable option for people who typically make top-tier elite with their “regular” us-based star alliance carrier. Whether it’s worth the 40k RDMs you’d be eschewing on your primary carrier at that point is a bit sketchy (you can buy a united club membership with 47,500 miles as a 1k, for example). For lower-tier elites, you’re all but giving up an elite level, plus

    A3 Gold is a great option for infrequent Star Alliance fliers – say elites in oneworld or skyteam who need to take a star flight every so often (say around 20k a year). They’re not giving up elite benefits, or miles that would otherwise go to a larger and thus more easily redeemed pool, and they’re getting elite benefits that they would not otherwise get.

    As a Delta flyer who every once in a while needs to take UA or US, A3 makes good sense to me as an FF program to credit to. If I was elite in a star alliance program, I don’t think the value proposition would add up for me.

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