RIP Mophie Juice Pack :(

I bought a Mophie Juice Pack Air from the Best Buy Express in MSP one trip in December when I forgot my iPhone charger.  I really like it because it uses a MicroUSB to charge which meant I was able to borrow chargers from my friends with Android phones and it also has no problem charging from the USB in my car stereo even though my phone will not.

We’re not even in April yet, I’ve maybe taken the thing on 5 trips and the Micro USB had broken off and is just rattling around in the case.  Apparently this is a known issue from previous versions as well because a simple google search turned up this video from the iPhone 3GS:

(NOTE: don’t actually open it because you can’t fix it!)

I like the form factor of a wrap around case and I like the Micro USB charging because that gives me 2 options to charge and I usually have a Micro USB cord for other reasons anyway, but sounds like this case has issues.

a close up of a usb port




  1. I bought my Mophie in December too. I love it but the micro usb slot is already becoming finicky on mine too. There is a 1 year warranty on the product and the claim process seems to be fairly straightforward. When I get back from my next trip I’m sending mine in for repair. You still have plenty of time to send yours back too…

    1. At first I was going to say “But I don’t have my receipt,” but since I paid with a credit card I just need to get in contact with Best Buy and they can pull it up.

  2. It doesn’t attach to the iPhone directly, but another option you may want to consider is the external battery packs from New Trent. You can charge your iPhone 3 times off a single charge of the battery.
    It also costs less than some of the other models out there.
    Here’s a link with more info.
    Full disclosure: The above link goes to my company’s site, but I wouldn’t mention this if I didn’t think it was on-topic for this discussion. I use mine all the time.

    1. Thanks, J.J. I’ve used external batteries I’ve purchased from Battery Geeks before which are similar and do charge much better than the Juice Pack, but for ease of travel I preferred the Juice Pack. I’ll see where the warranty repair gets me, but I do like device agnostic chargers for when other devices die as well.

  3. +1 on the new trent external packs. Mine’s been running strong for a year. I keep it charged and in my kit for thoses charge crises everyone’s had. The newly released models are supposedly able to charge themselves and attached devices simultaneously (so you don’t need multiple USB ac adaptors when on the road). I’ve ordered the 10,000 mAh pack for myself and will give the old one to the mrs 🙂

  4. Bought a Mophie juice ack 6 months ago
    Charging port loose and will not charge
    The place for the charging port is not a good place
    It’s super awkward
    Emailed Mophie
    They wnt a receipt
    Who keeps receipts that long
    Trying to ask thn
    M what other option I have

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