Trying out FedEx Hold at Location

I’ve had problems with FedEx delivering packages to my apartment in the past (or with sticky fingers of my neighbors I guess I should say).  I just received a notification from work that they FedEx’d me something.  I have no clue what it is and the other person celebrating the same length of time with the company does not have any shipment in the system so I’m assuming this is something I might want to actually receive.

Since the package just was shipped today I knew I still had a window of time, but would not be home for the actual delivery.  I noticed a feature to hold the package at a local FedEx.  I pass 2 FedExs on my way home from the airport so it is no problem to swing by one to pick up a package and much safer than leaving the package out for several days until my return.  I don’t trust FedEx with my life, but I am pretty sure they will not steal a box of business cards or a coffee mug!

I shall pick up the package in a couple days and all will be good.  I like this service since it is much better than advertising to the world that I am out of town.

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  1. Good luck with that. My experience was that they had to attempt a delivery first and if it’s not something you have to actually sign for, then they’ll probably just leave it anyway.

    1. I just got a call from my local FedEx that they are holding it at the station I requested. It says certain types of deliveries may not be eligible for the hold. I acted the night it was shipped out and it was sent Ground. Maybe Overnight is different. Since the Priority Overnight guarantees a 10:30 am delivery maybe that isn’t enough time to update or maybe they will deliver it to the address anyway to prevent a claim against the service.

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