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Weekly Recap: Week of May 20th

a logo with text on itLast week felt like a long week since I was out on the west coast.

Monday: Went to the doctor in the morning.  Blood pressure is good again now that I’ve lost some weight (Woohoo!!) so I had to fly out in the evening instead of the morning.  Flew Delta through Detroit to LAX.  I was upgraded to Detroit but not to LAX.  In Detroit they had us do funky Southwest Airline style boarding.  No one understood it so I had a bunch of Zone 3 passengers coming up to me and asking if the Sky Priority line was the 1-3 area.  I pointed them to the big 3 sign and they couldn’t see it.  Oh well.  It’s not my job to enforce boarding and if the gate agent doesn’t do it then I just stay quiet.  I got to LAX and took Super Shuttle to the Courtyard Anaheim Buena Park.  The Super Shuttle took about 30 minutes to get me where I waited but I was the first stop after we got going. I got in super late so I just went to bed.

a group of bottles of alcohol
DTW Low A Liquor selection
a beer tap with a red and blue handle
DTW Low A Beer selection


Tuesday: After my meetings my coworker and I headed back to LAX. She was flying out on a red eye and I was flying out first thing in the morning so I wanted to stay right there.  I had stayed at the Courtyard on Century before so I booked it again.  I ate dinner at Encounter and walked to the hotel (it is actually not a bad walk but maybe isn’t fun at certain hours). I crashed at about 8 pm Pacific to make up for getting in so late the previous night.

Wednesday: I had an early flight on American to SFO.  I forgot to look up American and Precheck.  Apparently there is a Precheck line at LAX for AA (I missed the signs but sometimes I can’t see the forest for the trees so it may be my blind spot) and since Delta, United, and US Airways all print PreCheck on the BP I didn’t realize AA hadn’t caught up with that yet.  Oh well.  I went through the non-status line which was moving pretty well.  I was on one of the 737-800s which was a very nice plane and I hope American brings that configuration to the US 737s after the merger.

I got into SFO and took BART and AC Transit to my hotel at the Courtyard Emeryville.  I didn’t want to press my luck checking in at 10 am so I left my bag with them and headed to the Starbucks next door to get some work done.  Had dinner at PF Changs.

Thursday: I checked out of the Courtyard and after meetings and dinner at a Thai restaurant in Berkeley I headed back to SFO for my red eye.  The Delta Sky Club in SFO does not have any of the upscale beer or liquor which sucks because they had some nice beer before.  I asked and they can only do the domestic complimentary beer and wine.  I took my seat on the very last row of my plane to CVG (I hadn’t even had a seat until check in that day and they asked for volunteer bidding at check in but listed $150 as the highest voucher.  As a policy I don’t bump on business trips so I didn’t play the game).  Flight from CVG to CLT was a RJ so no upgrade possible.

Friday: I landed around noon, went home, and worked for a few hours until quitting time.  Long week!

Delta: 4 segments, 1 upgrade. 49 MQS/41,7xx MQM – still at least Silver for 2014
American: 1 segment – still a peon until the merger
US Airways: 31 PQS/25,xxx miles – still at least Silver for 2014
Hilton: No stays this week.  20 stays/29 nights – at least Gold for 2014
Marriott: 3 nights – up to 41 Elite Nights – may finally cross into Gold for the first time after 9 more nights.

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