How I spend my weekends and personal travel

a group of people in green dresses on stairs

I’m not going to lie that I peruse the USA Today and CNN for material.  Sounds like Sarah Sekula at CNN read my mind and posted an article I’ve been meaning to write.a group of people in green dresses on a stone staircase

I am a hasher.  No, I don’t use drugs.  I’m in a drinking club with a running problem.  What is that you say?  Well, basically it is a play on the old Hare and Hounds or Paper Chase.  Someone is the hare and lays a trail that leads to beer.  That is hashing at the smallest level.  Internationally it is a subculture of people who just like to hang out and have a good time and travel cheaply, often with their own private network of “crash space” and would put couch surfing to shame…but I didn’t join for cheap travel and I didn’t join to get drunk.  I joined because after being on the road all week it is nice to just zone out and enjoy friends.  I think everyone out there should have a group like that…people who will be there for you when you want to eat dinner or grab a drink.  I just have to post that I’m home and I’m guaranteed to have someone join me.

I’m in a (mis)Management position that not all kennels have called the Ambassawhore.  Pretty much I use my position as a traveler to meet other hashers as I travel.  I stopped going to FT Do’s and started to just travel to large hash events because I find I have a better time.  I’m not a tourist to see the sites.  I’m a tourist to meet people around the world and learn something from them.  I’ve mainly just hashed locally in the Carolinas, but I did join one of the Phoenix kennels for a hash when I was out there and I’m going to the InterAmericas Hash (aka InterAm) in Panama (hence my Labor Day weekend trip to Panama) and I’m going to the unofficial World Inter Hash in Brussels next year.  Maybe even the official one in China if I can churn enough miles.  Locally I seem to have a campout or hotel party every weekend if I want one.  My local kennel was quite upset that I chose to go to BAcon instead of our annual red dress, but I had been neglecting blogging for hashing long enough.

It was quite nice for the Savannah kennel to plan their Green Dress around my 30th birthday.  What better way to spend a birthday than with 250 of my closest friends in a city I hadn’t been to in a while (picture above.  I’m the one in the middle with my hand on the rail).  I also ran the Cooper River Bridge Run in April in a red dress.  If you end up meeting a man with dresses in every color he’s not a cross dresser, just a hasher.

Will I do this the rest of my life?  Probably not, but I’m enjoying it right now.



  1. As an avid runner I’ve heard of hashing but never heard from a member. Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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