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Weekly Recap: May 27

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a logo with text on itBecause of the holiday on Monday I did not work.

Tuesday: Work from home day.

Wednesday: I flew US Airways CLT-ORD.  I stayed at the Hampton Inn O’Hare International.  I’m getting really sick of airport hotels when my visits are miles away from the hotel so I get stuck listening to planes all day and night and then I have to sit in traffic forever to get to work.  There are usually closer, cheaper hotels, but I have no say.  I had to listen to a guy talk on speaker phone all evening.  I turned on the TV to drown him out though.

Thursday: I flew US Airways connecting in PHL to ALB.  I stayed at the Residence Inn Albany Airport.  My coworkers were all having problems with their WIFI.  It worked fine in my building, but their buildings had poor WIFI so one had to get the hotel to bring him an ethernet cable.

Friday: Flew home on the direct.

US Airways: 4 PQS, no upgrades.  35 PQS and 28,XXX PQM
Delta: 50 MQS, 42,2XX MQM
Hilton: 1 stay/night: 23 stays, 32 nights – 7 more stays to Diamond
Marriott: 42 nights – 8 more until Gold


  1. Pick up a white noise app for your smart phone and a set of ear plugs.
    I sort of like airport hotels because I like watching planes. The Radisson near ORD is good for poolside plane watching, although the hotel is average. It is also quiet. Intercontinental at ORD is nice to watch the planes on approach.

    1. I refuse to sleep in ear plugs. I am a very heavy sleeper once i am asleep and I slept through a hotel fire alarm before.

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