Marriott reveals new Courtyard rooms

I really like the red bedding and decor of current Courtyard by Marriott rooms.  I’m in the middle of renovating my house and I was thinking of incorporating some of the color scheme and elements in my bedroom.  Courtyard also had some rooms with a green color scheme, but I wasn’t really a fan of that.

Well, now Courtyard is going to being Euro styling the rooms.  I’m not impressed.



Umm…What is that blue thing on the left?  A lighted mirror?  A soap dispenser?  I hope it’s a lighted mirror and I wish the US would have more hotels with those since they are popular in the European hotels I’ve stayed in.


  1. Looks like a mirror reflecting the blue from the wall.
    Doubt its lighted w/o power cables.

  2. The blue thing on the left is simply a magnifying mirror – no light. I’m very familiar with them from my stays at the Las Vegas Renaissance.

  3. Nice but….without free breakfast Courtyard doesn’t normally make my list. I know I may be weird but if many of the other Marriott brands can do this why not courtyard. As a business traveler it’s a deal breaker for me.

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