Not having that fresh smell at the end of the week

Now that it’s starting to get hot again I find that by Thursday my clothes don’t smell as fresh any more (I don’t rewear shirts or underwear, but do rewear pants and blazer).

What are the best tips out there?  Should I just febreze and go?  Should I travel with some kind of moisture absorber in my luggage such as extra silica packs from shoes and other packages? Do I need to start packing with vacuum bags and keep the clean from the dirty?

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  1. I always keep Bounce dryer sheets in my suitcase to help things stay fresh and bring along a plastic kitchen size trash bag to throw dirty items in. When you hang up your blazer, place one of the Bounce sheets on the hanger so it’s inside the blazer. I also bring along those combo washer/fabric softener sheets – Purex I think – not sure you can still find them. (I bought a ton of them on clearance just for travel) I cut them up into about 4 strips each and put them in a baggie- great for hand washing small or delicate items in the bathroom sink.

  2. Take pants off as soon as get home from work, will give you some extra time till smell catches up

  3. My shoes are in plastic bag. Dirty clothes in another plastic bag. Humidity seems to make it worse so keep bathroom door shut when showering.

  4. I keep Bounce dryer sheets in my suitcase and keep dirty clothes in a plastic bag to separate them from clean clothes.

  5. I subscribe to the “roll your clothes” theory of packing. So I roll up clothes in plastic bags when traveling. Others have mentioned plastic (Walmart) bags, but here’s the bonus tip – use the various colored bags to indicate wear-ability. I use white for brand new, light blue for the once-worn items that can be re-worn, and the brown bags for ready to be washed. Rolling up clothes makes the bag system work even better.

  6. keep clean and dirty clothes separated. Change your under clothes if you start sweating in them.

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