Another Delta Enhancement: Fritos instead of Sun Chips

FritosFor some reason most of my flights in F recently have not had anything beyond the Biscoffs, peanuts, and pretzels.  No apples, bananas, twix, reeces, or anything else  in addition to the coach snacks.

Some of the FlyerTalkers have had a full snack basket but instead of the ubiquitous large bags on Sun Chips it sounds like Fritos are now in.

a 1.5 oz package of regular flavor Sun Chips (although recently it was mostly the cheddar or salsa) contains 210 calories and 10 gm fat, but had the perception of being healthy since it was whole grain instead of potato.

A 1 3/8 (assuming that is the size they use, I haven’t seen one yet) package of Fritos has 180 calories and 11 gm fat, but I’m sure is much cheaper and to me I think of Fritos with chili dogs or late night drunk eating, not first class.  I’d take a basic Lays potato chip over Fritos.


  1. Are these F flights strictly on the Canadair metal? That’s where I first encountered Delta’s snack basket — but that was before they carved out a first class section. I would expect cloth napkins, Sun Chips, Baked Lays, and some sort of Kettle Chips for those three lucky passengers.

  2. Potato chips are gross unless they are Ballreich’s Potato Chips. I’m a native of Northern Ohio and these are our area’s favorite potato chips. Potato chips need to be marcelled with ridges.

    When I fly I have a gallon size Ziploc bag that is stocked with my own favorite snacks. Chips, Pretzels, granola bars, Beef Jerky, Carrots, celery sticks and ranch dressing packets.

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