Travel tip, close your shades!

I guess one thing people forget when they are at a hotel is that if you can see out the window, someone else can see in.  I have in my profile to have a low floor because I like taking the stairs if possible (and I don’t stay at too many urban locations like NYC where high = less traffic noise and stairs are restricted to fires).

I understand this means there is a good chance I may be at a level where someone can look in just as easily as I can look out.  When I get into a room one of the first things I do is close the shade maybe 90% of the way.  I do like to have a little bit so I can get natural sunlight and know whether the sun is up or not, but enough privacy to avert peeping eyes.

Not that I think people just go an peep into hotel windows, but I see no need to make it easy.

Just look at how easy it is to look into this room.  If someone were sitting at the desk I could easily tell whether the person is male or female and probably what type of laptop he or she is using as well.

Pull your shades!

Hotels almost always open the shades as part of maid service and I think that is good, but if you were unlucky enough to get a first floor room I would make sure nothing is out and visible.

…And if you stay at a motel it doesn’t matter what floor you are on.  Closing the blinds should be your first priority because you are going to have people passing-by all day and night.  It would be terrible to step out of the shower right as someone is passing by and begin changing in eyeshot.


  1. What a wonderful waste of a post. Please don’t belittle your regularly more useful posts in an attempt to hit your 1 post/day quota.

    1. @MSPcaptive I agree it is a tip for an infrequent traveler and not my usual audience, but the more I travel the more I learn that common sense is not all that common.

  2. I once saw an attractive woman walking around topless in her room across the alley from my hotel in NYC. We were about 20 floors up. I got the feeling she was perfectly happy to walk around in the buff with others seeing her, and I certainly wasn’t complaining 🙂

  3. Well, I personally like it when someone leaves a window shade open because chances are I can look in and see a great show. I remember quite fondly a recent trip where I found myself walking by a window on the first floor and seeing a naked man. He didn’t seem to mind the attention. Well let’s just say we met up and had a great evening!

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