Movie Theatres in airports?

A recent survey of more that 10,000 travelers revealed people would like a movie theatre in the airport:

1. Cinema – 49%
2. Sleep pod – 36%
3. Library – 32%
4. Park – 31%
5. Vanity area – 30%
6. Kids play area – 21%
7. Pool – 20%
8. Gym – 15%
9. Man-made beach – 12%
10. Bikes – 11%

Now, there have been a few threads on Flyertalk over the years about how easy it is to get from XXX to a movie theatre.  I personally have never wished there was a theatre since I’m sure the movie times would never jive well with layovers and I’d had to pay $10-$15 for a movie just to leave 3/4 of the way through.  I think  ATL should probably have one, I know I’ve had many hours to kill in LAX this year waiting for coworkers to arrive or for a red eye so maybe JFK, ATL, MIA, ORD, DTW, LAX, SFO could get away with theatres, but airports that aren’t big international gateways probably don’t have enough people on long layovers to justify it.

Sleep pods area a great idea though.  Coming up in September I have a layover in MIA where I land around 1:30 am and fly out around 6 am…although I can afford a hotel, it just seems like by the time I finally get to the hotel I will need to turn around and head back to the airport thus not making it worth it to spend money, but I would spend maybe $30-$40 for a night in a sleep pod.

If by “vanity area” they mean showers I believe more US airports need paid shower facilities.  That first shower after a long flight feels so good and if I can get cleaned up before leaving the airport or before connecting to my final destination I feel so much better.

For average hubs I think a gym would be a good idea, but it would have to be priced right.  $10 for admission would work and being attached to a chain such as Planet Fitness would help for people with multi-site memberships.  They would need showers and could probably make a good business with just the showers at some airports.

I’d really love it if US carriers would incorporate some of this into their lounges.   Very few US lounges have showers.  I would love a treadmill or some yoga mats for some comfortable stretching.


  1. I believe Changi in Singapore has movies running 24 hours a day and transient hotels in the airport.

    1. Yes, I probably should have stated my US-centric nature to my post. I believe there are a few airports with cinemas, and internationally many (most?) airline lounges have showers and even nap areas. I had an 8 hour long layover in MUC a few years ago so I showered and took a nap in the Lufthansa lounge. They had a dark area with pillows and blankets and it was pretty good.
      Many international airports also have pods and the US is starting to pick up with the Minute Suites in ATL.

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