American Airlines back on AwardWallet

For those of you who use AwardWallet to track frequent flyer programs when AA nixed their relationship it was a blow.

Now I hope DL and UA follow suit and come back to AwardWallet.


“We are honored to partner with American Airlines to bring the convenience of AwardWallet to its customers,” said Alexi Vereschaga, CTO and co-founder of AwardWallet. “Our platform offers a high level of security to ensure that consumer information remains safe and protected, while providing travelers with an intuitive interface and convenient application that helps them stay organized.”

American established this relationship with AwardWallet after receiving satisfactory commitments of the company’s technology solution that protects the security of AAdvantage members’ data. AwardWallet also provides its platform via API or white-label services to enable other partners to power their own rewards management solutions.

AAdvantage members can immediately begin using AwardWallet to track their AAdvantage information, as well as other loyalty programs. To sign up, members can visit

I don’t see AA listed on the website yet, but I’ll take their word for it!

I’ve never been a user of AwardWallet.  I use Yodlee’s Money Center as my account aggregator.  It doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles for frequent flyer programs since it is mainly for financial programs, but it at least allows me to see balances and stores my passwords.  When AA stopped allowing AwardWallet it really stopped allowing all outside access which cut off Yodlee as well.  Yodlee still isn’t picking up AA (nor did I expect it to based on the announcement) but that hasn’t affected me much since that account barely had enough for 1 domestic ticket.  When the merger gets underway that account will be much more important to me and I will need to pursue other options at that time.

…Delta and United, on the other hand, never cutoff Yodlee when they cutoff AwardWallet.


  1. Thanks for sharing. It works, I just added AA into my awardwallet account and it showed the correct miles.

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