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Weekly Recap July 22/29

weekly recapI’m sorry, this is again a bi-weekly recap.  Recently I just seem to crash right after work so it’s hard to schedule posts or stay ontop of things.

July 22: Flew direct CLT-SYR on US Airways.  I was upgraded on this route, probably because I flew in the afternoon instead of the morning.  Then we drove to Utica and stayed at the Hampton Inn.  Dinner was across the street at Delmonico’s.  I would highly recommend Delmonico’s as a good local flavor.  Make sure to get the Utica Greens and check out the caricatures around the restaurant.

Tuesday: Finished in Utica and headed back to Syracuse to head out, but had to spend the night.  I stayed at the Hampton Inn in Liverpool.  I’ll file them in the “do the best with what they have.”  Customer service was top notch, but the hotel was dated and seemed converted from another brand.  I hate to say it since the staff tries so hard, but I’d probably stay elsewhere next time.  Dinner was at Dinosaur BBQ.  I hate BBQ, but it seems to be one of the places to go in Syracuse.  Lunch was at Destiny since I wanted to check out how things had progressed since it used to just be a mall and they were trying to get all the DestiNY stuff through.

Wednesday: Flew from SYR-PHL.  No upgrades available on the RJ.  Got into PHL and drove down to Annapolis and stayed at the Courtyard in Annapolis.  Dinner was at the Galway Bay since I liked it last time. Service was pretty crappy this time with the manager providing most of the service, but the food was still good.

Corned Beef and Cabbage at Galway Bay
Corned Beef and Cabbage at Galway Bay

Thursday: Flew home BWI-CLT.  The flight was very full and my upgrade didn’t clear.  Apparently boys flying home from Boy Scout’s National Jamboree flew home from BWI all the way from WV.  They also decided to take live ammo and pocket knives through security so although I was in PreCheck, the whole check point seemed to come to a halt every 5 minutes.  Definitely the longest precheck experience I’ve ever had!  My brother works for the Boy Scouts (although he didn’t go to the Jamboree) and apparently they missed the memo that pocket knives are not allowed in carry-on bags.

Friday: Office day.

Sept 29: At this point in time I thought I was home all week.  I should have known better!

Tuesday: Suddenly it sounds like a good idea to book a trip to Houston.  In retrospect I probably should have stayed home because I’m pretty sure this is where I got the bronchitis, or at least waking up early to fly didn’t help.

Wednesday: Wake up bright and early and fly CLT-IAH.  At this point the only fares left on US Airways were discounted First, but that was actually cheaper than a connecting flight on Southwest (go figure!) or any other airline so I flew non-stop in F!!  I had a nice afternoon meeting and went right to bed afterwards without dinner.  I stayed the night at the Springhill Suites.

Thursday: Bright and early flight back home. on US Airways.  Once again in F.

Friday: office day.

Status Update:

Delta: 64 MQS/51,XXX MQM
US Airways: 5 segments – 44 PQS/35,XXX PQM
American Airlines: 5 EQS /3,XXX EQM
Hilton: 2 stays/ 2 nights – 31 Stays/41 Nights – Diamond in the bag
Marriott: 2 nights – 50 nights total
Avis: 7 rentals
Hertz: 1 rental


  1. Next time in ROC, check out the other Dinosaur BBQ. Equally as good as SYR. Psst, don’t bother with their Dinosaur location on 125th street in Manhattan.


  2. Anything better than Dinosaur BBQ in Rochester? I am headed that way in a few days.

    Everyone said we HAD to go to Dinosaur, but I have had better BBQ. It did not live up to the hype – just ok to good, nothing great about it.

    1. I’ve been to plenty of local Italian places in Rochester. I can’t remember the names off the top of my head though. Rochester is not a fun city to drive to the other side of town for dinner so I’d always just go somewhere close. This Italian restaurant right next to the Hampton Inn Irondequoit is amazing. It’s called Pasta Villa.
      I’m not sure why Dinosaur BBQ is popular at all, but I guess someone was good at branding.

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