Delta increases mileage levels for BusinessElite

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Today we will make updates to delta.com in two content areas that you’ll be interested in, so we’re posting here as a heads up.

BusinessElite® low mileage redemption:
Many of you have experienced first hand our significant investments in products over the past several years. In June 2014, we will be the only U.S. carrier to offer full flat-bed seats with direct aisle access in Business Class across our entire wide-body fleet. Our premium cabins will also soon offer new, on-demand in-flight entertainment options and we are in the process of adding in-flight Wi-Fi on our long-haul international aircraft scheduled to be complete by 2015. We’ve also partnered with premium brands Westin and Tumi on new bedding and amenity kits and we’re introducing new dining options.

As a result, we’ve recognized the need for adjustments to our low mileage redemption levels for select international Award Tickets in BusinessElite. The mileage redemption adjustments are effective today for Award Travel on or after June 1, 2014. Please check our Award charts for updated mileage levels later today.

Award Hold policy change
We will continue to offer our 24-hour Risk-free Cancellation option for Award Tickets, but will discontinue our Award Ticket hold option. More than one million Award Seats per year are held by members who don’t use them which negatively impacts other members’ Award Seat access. The new policy will be effective for Award Ticket reservations made on or after September 9, 2013, and at that time, Award Seats may no longer be held without ticketing.

We’ll be checking back periodically for your comments or clarifications if something isn’t clear.

And by user rylan

low 100k->125k

US-Asia (both north and SE)
low 120k->140k

low 150k->160k

US-South Africa
low 140k->160k

US-South America
low 100k->125k

I understand where Delta is coming from.  If the product has improved and the market can bear it, the price should go up.

Compare this to United which has 100k points US-> Europe in business and 135k in First on a 3-class plane
US-Japan is 120k for Business and 135k for first on a 3-class plane.

This means Delta is pricing itself on par with United’s First class product.  Now if only saver awards were easier to find.  Delta Points has some tips for finding saver awards on Delta and in a couple weeks I’ll check them out to try to book my vacation to Europe next year in Delta’s BE.  Of course it’s after the devaluation date.  Another reason why I hold onto my Sky Piles because they are useless, but by holding onto them they keep devaluing.  Good case in point for why there is no advantage to holding onto frequent flyer miles.

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  1. The heading is so misleading. shouldn’t it read “Delta increases mileage requirement for BusinessElite Awards”

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