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Weekly Recap: August 5

weekly-recap_thumb.gifAs I mentioned already, I’ve been fighting a pretty bad cough.  Not really any other symptoms except sleeping a lot  and aside from the cough my mental capacity is fine.  I had a big meeting last week that I couldn’t postpone so I had to show up and trudge through it or wind up postponing until October since I have a lot of vacation (and hopefully good trip reports ; ) ) scheduled in September.

Monday: Had a late flight out CLT-CVG-MKE. All CRJs so no upgrades.  I was planning on meeting up with a fellow frequent traveler from Charlotte in MKE on business as well at Mo’s Irish Pub, but my phone died and we never connected.  It just shows you what a small world it can be though!  I stayed at the Hampton Inn downtown Milwaukee.  Boy that place was interesting.  Apparently one part used to be a bank and I think that was where I was.  As much as I was coughing to not have a complaint is a testimony to the soundproofing at that place.  Otherwise it is a dated Hampton desperately in need of some new carpet, but great staff and a convenient location.

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Hungarian Goulash at Mader's
Hungarian Goulash at Mader’s


Tuesday-Thursday: actually stayed in the same location more than 1 day.  It is always weird not checking out and checking in every day.  Thursday I actually took the bus to the airport.  I used Google Maps public transit option and it showed me where to walk to get to the bus and when the bus would arrive.  I found the bus stop, had my change (thankfully like Charlotte they have a bill acceptor!) and loaded up and just watched the app until I got to the airport.  Then I killed time in the sky club waiting for my MKE-LGA-CLT trip.  MKE-LGA was a regional jet, but LGA-CLT was a CRJ-700 so there was a first class.  LGA was a cluster on Thursday and my 4 hour layover quickly became over 7.  If I had known that at the time I would have taken the bus into Manhattan and had dinner there instead of staying in the cramped Sky Club and in the terminal area.  I was so happy to slip into 3D for the flight home.

Friday: Home for an office day.

Status Update:

Delta: 4 MQS 1/1 for upgrades – 68 MQS/54,XXX MQM
US Airways: 44 PQS/35,XXX PQM
American Airlines: 5 EQS /3,XXX EQM
Hilton: 1 stays/ 3 nights – 32 Stays/44 Nights
Marriott: 50 nights total
Avis: 7 rentals
Hertz: 1 rental


  1. Hope you are feeling better. How do you take the bus into Manhattan from LGA? Which bus? Where? Cost? Thanks!

    1. Thanks.
      I’ve taken the M60 bus to LGA before. It stops at the concourses so it’s quite convenient.
      It’s $2.50 and I think if you don’t have a MetroCard it is quarters only.
      http://www.panynj.gov/airports/lga-public-transportation.html provides more information and also talks about the airporter which is $13 and drops off a few places for easy connections to the subway.
      For service between LaGuardia and Manhattan, the M60 bus goes to 106th and Broadway via 125th Street in Manhattan and Astoria Blvd. in Queens. Key connections include the N and Q subway trains at Hoyt Avenue/31st Street; the 4, 5, and 6 subway trains at Lexington Avenue; and the Metro-North Railroad at Park Avenue.

      For service beween LaGuardia and western Queens or Midtown Manhattan, take the Q33 or Q47 buses. Connections to the E, F, M, R and 7 trains on the New York City subway are available at Roosevelt Avenue/74th Street. For service to Astoria, Queens, use the M60 bus and transfer to the N or Q subway trains at Hoyt Avenue/31st Street.

      For service between LaGuardia and central Queens, use the Q72 (Corona and Rego Park) and Q48 (Flushing) bus routes.

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