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Travel Product Review: SmartyPig savings accounts

I like to talk about banking if you haven’t noticed.  Due to the economic climate we live in I decided it was finally time to create an actual emergency fund instead of raiding my Roth.  I started looking at the Fat Wallet forums at their high interest liquid savings accounts and found a bank called…

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Airlines vow to not charge for carry-on bags

According to MSNBC New York Sen. Charles Schumer said Sunday that American, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, US Airways and JetBlue Airways each have committed to him that they would not institute fees for carry-on bags. He said he was hopeful other carriers would follow suit. This is in response to Spirit Airlines recent announcement…

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Name change part IV: Here come the Frequent Flyer Accounts

Now that I have my new driver’s license I’ve been submitting name change requests to everyone. American and Avis have been the easiest so far…just fill in the info and that’s it.  Others will accept faxes, others e-mail.  Now to wait and see all the updates trickle in. So far the worst name changer is…

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