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Delta and US Airways worst in reward redemption

Scott McCartney from the Wall Street Journal recently evaluated airlines for reward redemption.  Among US carriers Southwest and JetBlue topped the charts with Delta and US Airways rounding out the bottom tied for last amount airlines evaluated. At a recent travel blogging conference many of us were talking about what kind of a traveler we…

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Did I just drink the Kool-Aid, or is status worth it?

I am a status flyer.  I am loyal (with split loyalties) to my programs and cost and schedule being equal I will choose Delta or US Airways.  Why?  Because of status…upgrades, boarding early, trip interruption service, free checked bags if I need it and “priority” handling on those, access to lounges without airport announcements every…

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Southwest Vs Airtran

Since airfares are back at summer levels and my company likes cheap airfare I’ve been flying Airtran a lot recently despite my hatred of them and their inability to get me to my destination (although with the current pattern I think I have enough evidence to get a waiver from the travel policy). This week…

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USDOT to ban peanuts?

From the Kansas City Star Buried in the proposal is a rule that would restrict the serving of peanuts on flights. It could be an outright ban, or something less restrictive. Would I miss peanuts?  No.  I don’t really understand why airlines give pretzels/peanuts/cookies except by request on flights less than 2 hours (so I…

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