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Travel Tip of the Week: Don’t leave anything valuable in checked luggage.

There are constantly stories about TSA luggage screeners, airline baggage handlers, and random people stealing items or whole bags.  If you have jewelry, electronics, or other items of value keep them with you in your carry-on luggage. Also, if you are flying on a regional jet and need to gate-check your bag please make sure…

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Travel Tip of the Week: Keep your room number secure

This one is thanks to the ladies from As a woman traveling weekly I have to balance safety and convenience.  The safety people say “Never leave your key in the folder/envelop with the room number” because if someone finds your packet they know the room number AND have the key. The convenience part of…

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Travel Tip of the Week: Cookies Matter (or do they?)

I’m not talking about Otis Spunkmeyer, I’m talking about internet tracking cookies…or should I say Chris Elliot is. Good food for thought if you notice your itinerary always goes up but others don’t. I haven’t noticed any issues with price fluctuations recently.  I noticed it quite a bit 10 years ago, but side step yields…

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Travel Tip of the Week: Avoid “direct” flights

Now many frequent flyers who qualify on segments will tell you to add a connection and increase your segments, especially short flights which can add 500 mile minimums on certain airlines. That works for many, but this post is actually advising something different…avoiding “direct” flights. To be competitive in certain markets airlines will use a…

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