Travel Tip of the Week: Don’t get burned

I just spent the week on vacation at Holden Beach, NC.  I love the beach and I had an audio book I was really interested in so I spent a lot of time  laying out listening to it.  I had to be very careful with sunscreen since I have to fly this week.  Flying while burned is not verya view of a beach from a balcony comfortable.

I was lucky to evade the burn this time (several rainy days didn’t hurt either), but I’m sure many of you have gone away to Cancun or Jamaica only to fly home with a bra strap right on your shoulder burn.  Dry airplane air + limited or expensive water + not being able to carry a gallon of aloe in your carry on = OUCH!

This is your friendly PSA to avoid sunburn to prevent the trip home from ruining the vacation.


  1. I have been there! flying with sunburn is no fun. I have a tank top with a built in shelf bra that I take to all beach trips just in case I get super burned.

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