Government to hit airlines harder for bumping

Yahoo News

Federal officials are expected to announce this week a plan to raise the maximum amount that airlines must pay passengers who get bumped off an oversold flight, currently at $400 or $800 depending on how long a trip is delayed.


In the first three months of this year, American Eagle, the regional affiliate of American Airlines, was most likely to bump passengers involuntarily. US Airways, Continental, ExpressJet and Southwest were next. For several years, JetBlue has been the least likely to bump — it says it gives customers $1,000 if they’re booted off a flight.

Sounds like for those of you out there who enjoy bumping things may get harder, but the payoff may be better.


  1. My issue with this is that in many instances United will offer the “Free Round Trip Certificate” in lieu of dollars or comparable dollars in the form of airline credit.

    I’ve been offered the “Free Round Trip Certificate” several time in exchange for voluntarily denied boarding seat, sometimes I can get them to give me the $300-$400 or so in airline credit vouchers, others all I get is a response that the offer is for a “Free Round Trip Certificate”, take it or leave it.

    My issue here is that with the “Free Round Trip Certificate”, it is basically like flying on an XY miles ticket – not upgradable, no miles, EQM’s, or EQ segments are accrued using such an instrument. If have one of these “Free Round Trip Certificates”, I usually give them to family members for travel, or use them myself at the end of the year once I’ve already achieved the elite status I’ve been seeking and no longer need to accumulate miles.

    I wonder if this move will “encourage” airlines to push the “Free Round Trip Certificate” more for VOLUNTARY denied boarding as the penalty for INVOLUNTARY denied boarding will be so much more severe, or will be see passengers with more leverage in this situation, ie TWO “Free Round Trip Certificates” or upwards of $800 flight credit for voluntarily taking themselves off a flight??

  2. Recently, United changed their policy on voluntary bumps. The “free tickets” are gone as is the old 200, 400, 600 scale. The new policy is $400 flat for domestic VDB

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