US Airways Clubs added to AMEX Platinum lounge access

Personal and business Platinum and Centurion card holders will now be extended access to US Airways lounges.

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Note: this is the Platinum and Centurion charge card, not various American Express credit cards that have used the word Platinum throughout the year and not American Express cards issued by anyone other than AMEX (e.g. Bank of America).

The US Airways lounges will not require a ticket on US Airways unlike some of the other airlines that participate.  This actually might not be a bad deal since the annual fee is $450 and grants one access to Delta, US Airways, American, and Continental’s lounges.  Membership for the US Airways lounge (which reciprocates to other Star Alliance lounges, but not to Delta or American) is also $450 for a non-status flyer.

Thanks Wandering Aramean

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  1. This is great news. At $450 per year the AMEX Platinum Card may sound expensive the fact that you can access Delta, American, and now USAirways Lounges is a great Benifit. My USAirways Lounge was going to expire in a month and I was debating renewing it but since I do carry the AMEX Platinum card, for a number of reasons, I just saved $200. Thans for the timely info. Surprised that I did not hear something from AMEX. BOb

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