Supershuttle LGA take 3

This will be my last time writing about supershuttle from LGA to Manhattan because I will never do that to myself again.  Whatever fears I have of the subway at night with my bags will have to take a back seat.

Landed at 9:25

Supershuttle driver came at 10:00

Got to my hotel after midnight.

I think I will revert to cab from LGA to airport (unless I have a good metrocard) and Metro from Manhattan back to LGA.

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  1. Last week I flew into EWR. My hotel was the Sheraton Newark Airport, which implies some closeness to the airport right? My flight landed at 2am (after a four hour delay in DFW) and I didn’t get to my room until 330am. That’s an hour and a half for somewhere that is within a mile of the airport. Needless to say I was not super happy….

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