The joys of traveling…

So it turns out my house was broken into yesterday.  It’s interesting.  It could have been random, but it also happened the first morning I had been gone in a week.

They just took computer equipment so nothing that can’t be replaced, but they did tear the crap out of my door frame.  I had just put longer screws in the hinges too.  I have to wait until Friday night to double check everything.  I do have insurance, but since it is mostly just computer equipment that was taken and nothing really necessary in the grand scheme of things I will most likely not file a claim.  The worst part of this (besides the door) is that I had to file a report to my work because they took an old work laptop.  Oh well.  It could have happened if I worked in town as well.

a door frame with a brick wall


  1. That’s terrible! I’m sorry to hear…hopefully it won’t cost too much to fix/repair.

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