New Food and Liquor options coming for Delta Sky Clubs

I like the Delta Sky Club, but there are times when what was a 2 hour layover quickly becomes a 5 hour layover and the need for an unexpected meal in an airport arises.  This usually means I leave the Sky Club which is often quieter than the airport and I leave my outlet to venture off to get food.  Since outside food is not allowed in the club this means I have to eat it before returning to the club.

Other airlines have been piloting food in their clubs.  US Airways has had salads and sandwiches for a while.  Now it is Delta’s turn.


New York City, NY – John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK)

  • We’re adding cafés to all four of JFK’s Delta Sky Club locations where you can purchase made-to-order meals and premium liquors.
  • As always, members may continue to enjoy the same array of complimentary snacks and beverages in these Clubs.

They are piloting it in JFK which doesn’t affect me much, but if things go well it should roll out.


  1. Good marketing. You have now sold tons of day and 30 day passes to the masses and now they see the SCL in nice but cheese and cookies does not a dinner make. Wait – yet more money to be made – sell food! Yeah! Ah well.

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