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Good deed done by a TSA employee

The news (and I) loves to blast TSA employees when they are found out to have skeletons in the background or use the job to steal and commit other offenses so it only seems fair to highlight when a TSA employee does a good deed as well. DNAinfo radio reporter Jon Hansen was on his…

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Knives on Planes…Oh My!

Well it seems that TSA’s new policy to allow pocket knives is actually getting a lot of backlash so I will give credit where credit is due. First, I think repealing the liquid ban or eliminating the backscatter/millimeter wave would be my top changes, but this is at least a step forward. In the South,…

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Have we resumed our indifference of TSA?

Of course the flying public notices TSA more during busy travel seasons including the holidays, spring break, and summer vacation time.  Last year during the holiday travel season of course interest in TSA and disgust of their practices escalated to one of the highest points thanks to the naked scanners and enhanced pat-downs. Of course…

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My first “enhanced” pat down

Well I figured my number would finally come up and it did last week at IND. The lady forgot to do the inside the beltline inspection, but remembered before she sent me on her way.  I also helps that i have thunder thighs so she “met resistance” while she was still a few inches from…

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TSA: The Movie

There are a couple film makers who are using Kickstarter.com to raise funds for a movie about TSA. They are trying to raise $8,500 by May 13th. Short Synopsis:Jack is a TSA agent. He doesn’t know which he hates more; his job or his personal life. But when the TSA institutes a new policy that turns…

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Charlotte wants to opt out of TSA

http://www.wsoctv.com/news/25855378/detail.html Charlotte Douglas International Airport Director Jerry Orr said he’s wanted a private firm to do security screenings since 2001, when the TSA was created. He named a couple of reasons for that: First, a private firm would be more economical. Yes it would be more economical, but the problem is they are still required…

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