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Citi PremierPass is officially no more

I knew from Flyertalk and the Citi site that they were no longer issuing the PremierPass, but I didn’t realize they were issuing all PremierPass cardholders new cards.  I have the Citi Professional that they had stopped issuing over a year ago, but my card and benefits have remained intact. One of the key perks…

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Maximizing points from spending

All credit card point earning categories are not created equal.  Many credit cards offer bonus points on certain categories such as gas an groceries while purchases at big box stores are often excluded. Flyertalker 4Health details his way of getting around spending category shortfalls by buying WalMart gift cards online on American Express’ bonus portal…

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Name change part IV: Here come the Frequent Flyer Accounts

Now that I have my new driver’s license I’ve been submitting name change requests to everyone. American and Avis have been the easiest so far…just fill in the info and that’s it.  Others will accept faxes, others e-mail.  Now to wait and see all the updates trickle in. So far the worst name changer is…

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