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Weekly Traveler No More!

March 27th signaled the culmination of my 8th year with my company.  I know some people can travel for entire careers and that works for them, but I had reached my breaking point.  My health is deteriorating, I was constantly stressed out because I felt like I was always working on the road, then when…

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Statement of focus

I know my posts meander about a variety of topics and I don’t think that will entirely change, but as a whole I need to refocus now that I have reestablished myself. Topics: Airlines: Delta and US Airways Hotels: Hilton and Marriott Airports: Charlotte and occasionally Atlanta App reviews and first world problems. I will…

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What is in a name?

I figured it’s time to do a little overhaul of this site and the first thing to go is the name. Originally this blog started out as me discussing eating well on the road. I didn’t like that topic enough to post regularly so instead of being an anonymous Traveling Dietitian I am out in…

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New Format

It seemed like a lot of the other blogs I visited had the same template I did so I’ll be playing around with the template a bit until I settle on one I like.

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